I have been thinking about ironing a lot lately.  Not actually doing a lot of ironing…but thinking about it!

It’s a topic that has come up several times with customers as they rummage through our drawers of vintage napkins and tablecloths.  “I have so many beautiful cloths I’d like to pass down,” sighed one woman as she shut the drawer.  “But my children don’t want them.”

Perish the thought!  I’ll take all the linen, damask and homespun anyone wants to dish up.

Another woman ordered a custom picnic basket for her daughter.  When she specifically requested polyester napkins, I blinked.  “Excuse me, did you say polyester?”  This was a product I had never thought to stock.

“My children don’t iron,” she replied.  Simple as that.  And so, I found some wonderful polyester.

Ok, dear children,  I know ironing can be a pain, non-amusing, time-consuming chore, but here are five reasons why you need to make friends with your iron.

  1. Ironing makes fabric look amazing. (Just choose the right temperature setting.)
  2. Ironed pillowcases give a satisfying crisp “ah” when you first lay your head on them.
  3. Ironing an article of clothing for yourself is an instant pick-me-up.  A quick press and you look immediately more put together (even if you are not feeling very put together).
  4. Ironing an article of clothing for a loved one is, well, love itself!  As I spread my hands over my daughter’s pants or husband’s shirt, I pray a blessing.
  5. Ironing is zen.  When else do you get to transform chaos into calm?

Now, I don’t recommend ironing EVERYTHING.  There are tricks to this trade – the subject of my next blog.