Dixon’s weekly furniture auction is the mainstay of Crumpton, MD.  Sitting at the headwaters of the Chester river on Maryland’s eastern shore, this tiny town is in no hurry.  Main Street is lined with Andy of Mayberry Victorian homes that were probably last painted in, gosh, Victorian times.  By Andy himself!

The auction is another matter.  Dixon’s jumps to attention every Wednesday to move hundreds of thousands of items.  Dealers cross state lines to attend, local men haul for cash, and Amish families sell scrumptious “pigs in blankets” and other delicious fare.  http://www.crumptonauctions.com/

The cultural experience – to say nothing of the great finds – is worth the price of admission (free).

With its acres of fields and ice-rink sized (and just as drafty) indoor emporium, where everything from lawnmowers to lawn chairs, and kayaks to Chippendale comes under the gavel, Crumpton is testament to the power and fun of a hearty capitalism:  there is a market clearing price for every possible item in the world.   (Actually, I take that back.  Once a man was asleep on a ratty couch as bidding commenced.  He did not get sold, thankfully.)

Our favorite finds are good woods.  Peter has a weakness for walnut tables, splay leg tables, drop leaf tables.  Ok, all tables!  Chairs are my thing.  It’s a great day when I walk off with a ratty upholstered chair with good bones that just needs a little freshening up.   I take it to Donna, my talented friend, and she turns trash into treasure.

It’s a great system:  Crumpton makes a market in the banal and beloved, a local upholsterer gets some work, the landfill is spared one more discarded home furnishing…and Vintage Picnic gets another beautiful chair to sell.  Best kind of “green” I know of!

See you next Wednesday?