One thing I love about being a shopkeeper is the amazing people you get to meet.  One of my customers – nameless, you know who you are! – encourages me to no end.  She also has a passion for color that is boundless.

As summer drew to a close, she ordered a custom “utensil roll” to keep forks and such, as well as serving pieces, from tumbling around in the miniature kitchen called a galley that boating ladies know all about.  They are tiny and, at least on a sailboat, can be quite tippy.  Everything needs a place.

“I’ll get the fabrics,” my colorful friend announced.  And so she did.  A few weeks later she brought me six different fabrics and asked me to use all of them.  All of them.

And even though she swore she would never “do roosters” again, there was a gorgeous multi-colored sire strutting down the color runway.

What a fun collaboration!   When was the last time someone made something beautiful for you?