It’s such an honor to play a tiny part in family celebrations.

Last winter, my sister-in-law asked me to make a nautical-themed basket for the upcoming wedding of her husband’s nephew.  She even provided me a pair of family wine stems with the family “H” etched on each one.  With its deep blues and reds, that basket was a joy to work on.  We called it the Nantucket.

A month after that wedding, my sister-in-law called again.  “Nantucket” bride loved her basket so much that she now wanted to commission one for her own sister, who was marrying in the fall at a vineyard.

And so we set to work on a completely different look:   rough burlap, green mason jars and herby greens and burgundy.   Nantucket bride scoured the family to find vintage goblets she and her sister had been allowed to sip wine from as children.  (They were Italian, she explained.)  The goblets arrived safely by mail swaddled in bubble wrap, and I handled them like the precious treasures they were!

A few months ago, Nantucket bride came to our home in Virginia to pick up her basket.  For fun, I had it set up on the back patio, so she could get the full, romantic effect.    We called it the Rosemary.

There were a few tears.  That’s how sisters are.