Friday evening.  With friends.  The work week and all its stress, frustrations and traffic, a fading memory.  It’s October and we are eating Chinese and drinking reds on the patio.  The fire pit blazes warmth.

Not exactly a summer picnic, but it is real and, well, so very special.

I wonder why.

We talk about jobs and kids and life, and then think about the coming weather.  Will it be harsh?  We know these “warm enough nights to be outside” are finite.  Leaves are falling.  Our kids are growing older.  Thanks to Bluetooth, the music we like wafts over the embers of a dying fire.  We are living.  And I think there is something in this that is close to divine.

Like what we’ll be doing in eternity.  Enjoying life and each other.  And much more.

Have you had a “divine glimpse” lately?