Calling all aunties and grandmothers! Here’s a way to your loved one’s heart.

One day last summer, my friend Pia came into the shop with a secret plan: her much adored three-year old nephew would be visiting and she wanted to take him on a picnic.  She asked if she could borrow a basket for the upcoming outing. Of course, I said, and we picked one that she thought he could carry.  She explained that she would return in a few days with him to “buy” it – and swore me to secrecy. I could hardly wait!

A few days later, Pia and her nephew came into the shop.  Adorable little guy with a dollar bill crumpled in his hand. “Ok, now, remember we are going to pick out a basket for our picnic.” Then she pointed to the pre-arranged basket hanging from the store loft. “How about this one?”

The little boy nodded.  “Give Miss Susan the dollar,” Pia whispered.

With eyes large and shining, and sensing the immense gravity of this commercial transaction, the toddler handed me the dollar bill. I got the basket down and gave it to him (and slipped the bill back to Pia).

Bye bye, I called, as the two went off to make sandwiches.  Later they would venture out to a pretty place, just the two of them.  (So many lovely picnic spots to choose from around Rock Hall).  I think it was the highlight of Pia’s summer.

What adored person under three feet tall would love to picnic with you?  Why not make it an annual event?