My last blog…o so long ago…recounted the joy I felt in creating a basket for a young couple last spring.  Months later, the joy is returned to me.

To recap:

About a year ago, Chris came into Vintage Picnic with a need: a wedding gift for her son who was getting married in the spring. She wanted something very special that would appeal to her new daughter-in- law. It had to be classy, incorporating items representing their Washington, D.C. home and the French theme from their upcoming wedding.

Chris and I worked together over several months, choosing items, texting colors and fabrics. I even drove to Warrenton, VA to find a fabric she liked – a special black-on-tan ticking that became the basket lining.

Last March, we met at a coffee shop for the great reveal. I arrived a few minutes early and commandeered a table to display the basket in all its picnic glory. Chris arrived…and loved it.  Satisfied customer, satisfied producer. Just as commerce should be.

In August, Chris appeared again at the shop. “How was the wedding?” I exclaimed. “And, how was the basket?”  She grinned … and told me about the 400 guests, the saturated registry of gifts and how her basket stood out from the crowd. Later she sent along the exact quote from her daughter-in-law’s thank-you note.

“Thank you so much for the most thoughtful gift I/we have ever received.The picnic basket was amazing.  It really shows how well you know my interests and likes.”

Are you looking for a distinctive gift that shows your loving, personal touch? Let’s talk!