Last Saturday’s temp did not break 50 degrees – with 50 mph gusts – and there I was, sitting in my bayside picnic shop full of things for fairer climes.  The “Open” flag was whipped into a frenzy.   Brrr!

Not a lot of folks out on the streets that day.  One lady sailor said she spent the day in the V-berth of her anchored (but seriously rocking) boat reading back issues of Southern Living.  Oh, dear.  We can do better than that!

If bad weather drives us indoors (ok, a stick-built is better than a boat cabin) search out a fireplace.  It’s the ultimate off-season picnic spot.

A few years ago, we gave a great basket with red and black buffalo check to some young newlyweds.  It was February.  No matter – their picnic simply moved indoors.  (I mean, wouldn’t you?)  Why let a little weather take away the fun of spreading a blanket, sipping champagne out of gorgeous glassware and piling plates with scrumptious offerings.  Put on a few old tunes, turn down the lights…and well, who knows?  The weather might change after all!

What’s your best indoor picnic?