Our Story

Our Story…

In 2011, our daughter’s then suitor (and our future son-in-law) approached us with two requests. One, could he marry our daughter? Second, would we make a picnic basket that he could use when making the Big Ask?

We gave an enthusiastic “yes” to both, and quickly got to work. Susan fashioned a unique basket around two “Cera Sarda” ceramic plates we had purchased in Sardinia, Italy, where our daughter was born. Peter made his own handsome contribution: a walnut cheese board and knife made from a downed tree in the town where the couple would later wed. Not one item was new. All were used or old things put to a beautiful new purpose: the ultimate romantic picnic.
And the girl said “yes!”
Since then, we have collaborated to create a number of custom baskets in our adjoining workshops. There is nothing more satisfying than combining our respective skills to turn old things into unique gifts that are practical, workable…and beautiful.