Calling all grandparents (now that I am one!)…how about giving real treasures this holiday season?

In 1998, Peter’s father gave this fine replica of a S2F1 Sub Killer to our then eight-year old son. From the card we learn that this particular anti-submarine warfare aircraft was used on aircraft carriers from 1955-1965. Granddad goes on to say that he served on an aircraft carrier during the 1962 Cuban Missile crisis. Wow! The missive concludes, “Your great uncle Pete and Oscar both flew these planes.”

Pete’s name is etched into the Vietnam War memorial, and Oscar, who retired as a Navy captain, died this week at 84.

Odd gift? Why give something like that to an 8-year old? Wouldn’t he prefer a “real” action figure? Won’t he break it? (Actually, upon reading this post my son informed me that he did, indeed, break the propellers!)

Well, perhaps it is for parents to buy the “real” presents. Grandparents have the supreme opportunity (even, responsibility?) to give context and meaning to young lives.

Thanks, granddad.